How to be a better point guard

Learning how to be a better point guard is important as the PG position is the extension of the coach, you need to be the leader of the team. You need to be heady – learn all the offensive and defensive plays, know what to do in certain situations, distribute the ball, make plays when needed, etc.  It’s the most important position on a team – as a quarterback for a football team.  Below are some tips to consider if you want to be one of the best point guards in your league.

Chin up, eyes up

You need to have vision on the court.  You need to see your other four players and the five defenders.  As you get older and more experienced, you’ll be able to read defenses and “thread the needle.”  It doesn’t matter where you are now; you have to be able to see the entire court.  That means you can’t watch the ball while you dribble.



Since you are going to be the “second coach” you need to listen to the coach.  In the huddle, on the court, at practice, on the ride to the game…just listen to what is said so you can use it or repeat it to your teammates.

Direct when necessary

Tell your players where to go as you dribble up the court.  Don’t boss them around, just guide them if they are not in their spot or if one side of the court is overloaded.  You’ll be the one that sees the entire court since your dribbling down.  You can do this vocally or just simply point, but the key is to let your players know what spots to be in.

Get it to the right person

basketball passDon’t pass the ball to a low post player when he’s standing on the 3 point line…he won’t know what to do with it.   As a point guard, you need to survey the court and pass it to the person who’s most likely going to score.  If a big guy is posted up, then get him the ball.  If you’re on a 3 – 2 break then get the leaper or person most likely to finish the ball.  Another situation to mention is if one of your teammates is feeling it.  If they hit the last three shots, then try to get him or her the ball.  Continue to find the person who’s on fire.  This is getting the ball to the right person.

Penetrate and decide

point-guard-maneuverFor a point guard, it’s vital to get to the lane.  You can’t just sit at the top of the key pounding the ball into the ground.  You need to out maneuver the opponent and get to the hoop.  When you crossover your guy you have two options: pass or shoot.  It’s one of the hardest things to read; even NBA players are poor at this!  If the defense closes the lane than there’s gotta be people open.

Speak up!

When you are the coach, you need to be an authority.  For that to happen, you need to be loud and direct.  Even if you’re a quiet person off the court, you need to make your voice known on the court.  It’s going to be hard to run the point if your teammates can’t hear you.